Chassepark Breda

Chassépark, Breda Centrum, Breda, Breda

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'Een architectonisch hoogstandje' Het Chassé Park is een nieuwe woonwijk met ongeveer 600 koopwoningen en 100 huurwoningen, gelegen in de binnenstad van Breda. Het ligt op het bijna 13 hectare grote, voormalige kazerneterrein aan de rand van het Bredase c… Read more

Chassé Park is a green area surrounded with commercial and cultural spaces. A number of high buildings with apartments, so-called park apartments, have been built. Located at the edge of Chassé Park, you can find the former Kloosterkazerne houses the Holland Casino Breda. On the other side, the pop temple Mezz can be found. In the main building of the Chassé barracks, Breda's Museum and the City Archives are located. Underneath the Chassé Promenade is the public Chassé Parking with space for 670 cars.

From the Chassé Park you do not just have a beautiful view of the modern architecture, but also of the sky-line of Breda with the Grote Kerk.

Chassépark, Breda Centrum, Breda, Breda