Q&A Living in Breda

I have found an accommodation. What do I need to arrange?

Registering at the municipality
Read here how you can register for the municipality of Breda.

Notifying a change of address
When you move it is important to pass on your change of address. After registering with the municipality of Breda, the municipality will pass on the change of address to your health insurer, the tax authorities and DUO. This means that you do not have to pass on a change of address to them. You will still have to do that with your general practitioner, bank, educational institution and sports club.

Home insurance
If you have found a place to live, it is important that you also take out home insurance, such as household effects and/or building insurance. Household effects includes everything that you can pick up and take with you. Everything that is attached to the house and that you cannot remove without damaging it is covered by building insurance. In the case of a room, the landlord probably already has buildings insurance, but check to be sure. Will you become the owner of a home? Then you must always take out home insurance. Compare home insurance policies here. Take out your insurance on the website of your desired insurance company.

Liability insurance and legal expenses insurance
A liability insurance is taken out so that any damage you cause to other people's property is covered. You can make a claim on a legal assistance insurance when a conflict arises and legal costs are incurred

Registering with general practitioner and dentist
Do not forget to register with a general practitioner and dentist in Breda. Here you can read more about registering with healthcare providers. It is mandatory for everyone to have a health insurance.

I have found an accommodation. In addition to rent, which costs do I have to consider?

It is important that you check what the rent includes. Het is belangrijk dat je nagaat waar de huurprijs uit bestaat. Does the price include or exclude any service costs? These costs may include the following:  

  1. Cleaning of common areas 
  2. Gas, water and light in common areas
  3. Heating, if not regulated per living area. 
  4. Minor maintenance - Glass insurance 
  5. Caretaker costs
  6. Administration costs

Gas, water and light
It may be that the costs for gas, water and light are already included in the rent. This amount is then added to the basic rent. If the accommodation is rented out exclusively, you choose your own energy supplier. The costs depend on your living situation. Nibud gives you an insight into the expected costs. Compare the suppliers of gas, water and light for your accommodation here.

Internet and television
Internet and television costs are also not always included in rent. Is this the case for you? Then you choose the supplier for internet and television. You can compare suppliers here. Ask yourself in advance what you think is important have. Perhaps only the Internet is sufficient? Nowadays you can often watch live television on the Internet and with Chromecast you can play videos on the television.

Municipal taxes
In addition to the basic rent and service costs, you will also have to deal with municipal taxes. Please note: the landlord is no longer allowed to pass on the property tax to the tenant. However, the landlord is allowed to do so for the sewerage levy, waste collection levy and water tax. You can request the amounts of the municipal taxes from the municipality. You will receive your (digital) assessment around the end of February

If you have found a place to live, it is important to take out insurance, such as home insurance and/or building insurance, but also liability insurance and legal assistance insurance. Under the question "I have found an accommodation, what do I need to arrange?" more information is given on these insurances.

I have found accommodation. Do I qualify for rent subsidy?

Rent subsidy is a contribution to the rental costs of your living space. In order to receive rent subsidy, you must meet a number of conditions. Check here whether you are eligible for rent subsidy. Sometimes it is also possible to apply for rent subsidy in retrospect, so check whether you were entitled to rent subsidy last year.

I have found accommodation, but I do not have furniture yet. Where should I go? 

Of course you get to decide for yourself how you want to decorate your living space and what your budget will be. There are many places online where you can find furniture, such as webshops. In Breda there are many places where you can look for furniture. Would you like to have new furniture? Then you could visit Ikea, Xenos or the woonboulevard in Breda. Are you looking for second hand furniture? Take a look at one of the second hand shops or take a look online on Marktplaats, or the Facebook groups Marktplaats Breda en Omstreken and free in the municipality of Breda!

Not sure how to decorate your space? Use a Floorplanner and discover what suits your living space and your personal wishes.

I have found accommodation, but am having trouble with the landlord. Where can I find help?

It is important that you are well informed about your rights and obligations. Besides this, you can get free legal assistance and advice at the Juridisch loket breda (legal office in Breda).
The National student union can also help you. The Student helpline  helps with legal questions regarding rent. You can also check if you are paying too much rent for your accommodation.

Since becoming a student I have more expenses to consider. What can help me keep an overview of these expenses? 

When you are studying and especially when you start living on your own, there will be a lot of costs. It is recommended to make an overview of your monthly income and expenses. An overview helps to prevent you from running out of money. Nibud has drawn up a monthly budget for students which you can use to make an overview.

I am an international student. How do I prepare for my student time in Breda? 

Platform Breda Internationals supports the international community of Breda and wants to make sure that internationals feel welcome and at home in Breda. Learn more about studying and living in Breda on the Website.
Additionally, student association ESN for international students helps you prepare. They can help answer your questions, but also organise different activities. Become a member and connect with other students.