Student council

You often hear that the time being and growing as a student is the best time of your life. Which is true. However you will probably bump into quite some problems along the way. First, think about housing and your living situation. Secondly about what your study will throw at you and the weight of it. And last but not least the trouble with finding a job. The student council (Studentenraad) will help you deal with problems such as these. 

On a local level we look after the interests and wellbeing of our students and alike by working together with parties such as: the study and student associations in Breda the city itself and the universities. Together we are trying to form a close connection so we can all be of better help to you. But we also look further than just our city, we look at our country and its students. The people of Breda can share and communicate their ideology with the others so we can form a plan to help those in need and gather solutions to these problems. 

Apart from all that we are always ready for you and your questions about studying in Breda wether big or small. You are always able to come to us with things about bickering landlords or if you just need to have some weight lifted off your shoulders. You can find our contact info down below.