Take care of yourself and each other

Let’s face it, studying at home has not always been easy. And although more and more is possible now, that doesn’t mean that everything is suddenly okay. Fortunately, there are many initiatives through which you can do something positive for yourself or for someone else.

Everyone feels lonely sometimes; pluséénbreda
For when things are not going so well: alles is oké (for adolescents between the ages of 18-24)
Neighbornotes and other ideas
GoodMood by and for the youth
Student informs peers that are looking for a study
Coronaproof volunteer work
Things or tasks in your area 
Helping makes you happy
Students and coronastress
For when things are not going so well
Who can help me
Support line for youth between the ages of 18-24 alles oké
Platform Join us loneliness among youth
Aid for Youth in Breda
Platform lonely youth