Gouden bekroning voor Bakkerij Kottier!

Harold Kottier, owner of B akkerij Kottier , knew from an early age that he wanted to become a baker. After his bakery training, Harold was given the opportunity to take over an existing bakery in Breda at the age of 25. Bread and pastries have been made here with a lot of passion for over 30 years. It is the first time that he has had his sausage bread and sourdough oat bread inspected by Stichting Nederlands Bakkerij Centrum, and it is not without reason that they were immediately awarded gold!

The NBC (Dutch Bakery Center) has inspectors who inspect bakers and their bakeries all over the Netherlands. Bakers who bake high-quality products qualify for a gold award. During the inspection, which is carried out by the inspectors of the Dutch Bakery Center in Wageningen, various aspects of the product are examined. The anonymised products are assessed on, for example, shape, color, smell and taste / aroma. Kottier bakery has been awarded gold on their sausage bread and sourdough oat bread.

This is what makes me proud, this is what you do it for

"The products have been blindly tested as the best by the judges. 5 stars is the maximum score. It is not a competition, they pick it up in the store without you knowing. So they judge what the consumer gets."

What's important in making sausage bread?

"Good meat! No meat that has been sprayed with water. The Havermans butcher shop in Wagenberg supplies our meat. This is the only one in the Netherlands that has its own cattle. The cows are walking outside and are given special feed. So no floppy cow. This meat is produced." specially seasoned and prepared for us and we make it our delicious sausage rolls. With the dough it is important that it melts wonderfully in the mouth just like with chocolate. Secret of the chef: let the dough travel at 15-18 degrees instead of 28 degrees. "

Sourdough oat bread

Oats are cooked along with flax seeds. This bread is also very good for your cholesterol. The oats release their sugars very slowly, so that you get energy from them for a long time. Oats are gluten-free and therefore also good for digestion. It is delicious, filling bread, it gives you a lot of energy!

"Our flour comes from the beautiful Nantes in France. The French flour t65. This is based on specific French wheat varieties that provide a golden yellow crumb color. There are no further additives in this flour. We make sourdough from the flour. The sourdough cultivation takes 5 days."

"There is also a sweeter sourdough that tastes like milk. In Germany the sourdough is more sour. In Germany they call this 'sauerteig' or sourdough. It is very simple to make. Flour, water, sourdough. It's all that. The oats are only added to the sourdough at the end. The sourdough is carbon dioxide and alcohol. These are produced by bacteria. These bacteria evaporate in the oven, but the taste is preserved. The dough must rest at 7 degrees for 24 hours before it is is baked. And then finally the dough is baked on the floor of the oven. "

Awarded gold

You can easily recognize the gold-awarded products by the gold sticker or the shelf card in the store. All products that receive a gold award are also shown on www.bekroondmetgoud.nl. Curious about the sausage bread and sourdough oat bread from Bakkerij Kottier? They now have a great promotion to share this special achievement with the rest of Breda!