Duivelsbruglaan, Breda

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'Markdal volop in ontwikkeling' Het Markdal ligt ten zuiden van Breda en loopt tot Meersel-Dreef tot de grens met België tussen Breda en de grens met België. Het is een open weidegebied en wordt doorsneden door de rivier de Mark. Tussen de wijk het Ginnek… Read more

'Markdal fully in development' The Markdal is located south of Breda and runs from Breda to Meersel-Dreef to the border with Belgium. It is an open pasture area and is intersected by the river Mark. Between the district of Het Ginneken and Castle Bouvigne is a walking area managed by Staatsbosbeheer. Here are stones with poems on them. At the height of the Ginneken there are, among others, the Duivelsbrug (Devil's bridge) and the Vrijlandt Bridge. In the 60s of the twentieth century, the Mark was canalised. This allowed the water to be drained more quickly and reduced the risk of flooding. The canalisation also benefited agriculture. With the canalisation of the Mark, however, much of the characteristic flora of the Markdal disappeared. As part of nature developments it was decided at the beginning of the 21st century to restore the natural course of the Mark. To make this happen bends were made in the river course and the river bed was made steeper. The surrounding meadows were transformed into meadowland, characterised by its nutrient-poor soil and high groundwater level. For this purpose, the nutrient-rich top layer of the soil was excavated. Characteristic plants such as dwarf rush and blistered buttercup have appeared on the excavated land. The reconstruction of the Markdal was completed in 2004. Since then the fish stock in the Mark has improved considerably. Also, the bank swallow has returned to the area. Other birds in the Markdal are the kingfisher, which, like the bank swallow, builds nests on the banks of the Mark. In winter, the area is populated by the Canada goose and the common teal. Since 2004, Markdal has been a nature development area with plenty of opportunities for walking and cycling.

Duivelsbruglaan, 4835 JD Breda