Student association 't KAG

Monseigneur Hopmansstraat 2, Breda

Een studentenvereniging waar iedereen welkom is, waar niks moet en alles mag; zo zou je ons in het kort kunnen omschrijven. ’t KAG is een ontzettend leuke en gezellige groep studenten die ervan houden om wekelijks een drankje te doen, te dansen maar ook niet de studie vergeten. Read more

Student Association ’t KAG – het Komt Allemaal Goed

A student association where everyone is welcome, nothing is mandatory, and a lot is allowed: this is how you could describe our association in short. ‘t KAG is a fun group of students who enjoy having weekly drinks and share their dance moves but also do not forget their study. Besides the casks of beers that are consumed weekly at Café de Kater, our members are actively involved in our five committees and help raising money for a specific charity every year. 

From organising parties, managing our social media, writing fun articles to organising sports activities: this is all done by our members, for our members. This is how we ensure that you get the best out of your student days! After your study, we make sure that everything stays well with our alumni association ‘t BAG-het Blijft Allemaal Goed, with this you stay in contact with the old KAGgers and you are able to expand your network! 

If you do not like the traditional student association with hazing’s, do not hesitate to join us on a Tuesday night at Café de Kater. Due to COVID-19, it is necessary to register yourself, you can find more information on our socials or send an email to! 

Do not forget: ‘t Komt Allemaal Goed!
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