Study association Socialize

Hogeschoollaan 1, Breda

S.V. Socialize is dé studievereniging voor sociale studies in Breda. Wij staan voor veel gezelligheid, het uitbreiden van je netwerk en het verrijken van je studie. Read more

s.v. socialize

S.V. Socialize is the study association for social studies in Breda. We stand for a lot of fun, expanding your network and enriching your studies. 

Becoming a member of Socialize is without obligations, this means that there are no necessities associated with your membership. However, we really like it when you join the drinks! 

Once every two weeks there is a small gathering where you can network with your fellow students while enjoying a beer. Also, a theme party is organized a few times a year where everyone is welcome! In addition to drinks and parties, various formal and informal activities are organized. You can think of workshops, interesting lectures and the annual camp. 

SV Socialize is there for you if you want to get the most out of your student days!
Instagram : @socialize_breda
Facebook : S.V. Socialize Breda