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Studievereniging Oase is de vereniging voor Finance & Control (voorheen bedrijfseconomie) studenten aan Avans Hogeschool te Breda. Persoonlijke ontwikkeling en het uitbreiden van je (professionele) netwerk staan bij ons hoog in het vaandel. Om dit te realiseren organiseren wij formele en informele activiteiten voor de student. Read more

s.v. oase

Study association Oase is the association for Finance & Control (formerly business economics) students at Avans University of Applied Sciences in Breda. Personal development and expanding your (professional) network are of paramount importance to us. To achieve this, we organise formal and informal activities for the student.

We want to introduce the student to the business community at an early stage. This in preparation for the start of your career. During our formal activities, such as the Career Event or the networking event, the student comes into contact with the association's relations. Here both parties have the opportunity to profile themselves. In order to keep it as attractive as possible, we are constantly looking for new partnerships.

Are you a Finance & Control student at the Avans University of Applied Sciences Breda? Do you want to take that extra step during your studies and stand out from your fellow students? Then we are looking for you!
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