Student association Phileas Fogg

Boschstraat 174, Breda

Na een welverdiende vakantie is het dan zo ver. Jullie studenten tijd begint. De studie is uitgekozen, het kamertje is ingericht, de stad zal worden verkend en nieuwe vrienden zullen worden gemaakt. Dit is dan ook HET moment om deze tijd van je leven compleet te maken door deel uit te gaan maken van onze vereniging. Het repetoir aan evenementen welke Phileas Fogg organiseert zorgt ervoor dat je de verloren tijd door Corona kunt inhalen. Een gala, greppeltocht of pubquiz en je studententijd is compleet. Read more

Sv. Phileas Fogg 

After a well-deserved vacation, the time has come. College begins! You have chosen your study, your dorm is furnished, you’ve explored the city and new friends are being made. This is the time to complete your time in college by connecting to our association. Many events organised by Phileas Fogg will contribute to making up the lost time caused by Corona. A gala, ditch tour or pubquiz, and your time in college is complete. 

Within Phileas Fogg you will find various sororities and fraternities whom will distinguish themselves through different norms and values. They host many parties and events exclusively for members, but also for Breda. Phileas Fogg has 5 sororities and 6 fraternities. We also have year-clubs witch are formed at the beginning of the year. 

When it is Tuesday, normally this means the members of Phileas will come together in the bar called “de passe partout”. The beer will be taken willingly, and the ambience is getting better and better. From 1,50 for a beer to 3 euros for a mix, we serve it all. Besides Tuesdays, we are often open on other days too. There is always something to do at Phileas Fogg. 

Register? Or just curious? Take a look at our website or ask your questions via one of our social media platforms.

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