BRESS Breda Student Sports helps you set your new year’s resolutions!

Starting the year with a good intention to get fit? BRESS Breda Student Sports helps you set your new year’s resolutions the right way! Did you know that 80% of people setting goals for themselves do not achieve them by the end of the year? To give you a helping hand to achieve your goals we have a good deal!!! 

Come exercise at BRESS, as a student and get the BRESS Bottle as a gift! This BRESS Bottle is only available during the month of January when you sign up for a student year membership of €110,-! 🤑  BRESS offers more than 60 sports, from fitness to swimming and from bouldering to yoga, the sports platform for HBO students in Breda. Not a student anymore? No problem, you're still very welcome at BRESS! 

With this low-cost sports membership and the BRESS Bottle, you can start 2023 right with power workouts and stay well hydrated too! Would you like to have more info about the New Year campaign, like the terms and conditions? Check out our website! 

In the BRESS Sports Center there is something for everyone to do: sports, socializing, studying or just having a drink. A cozy café and space for lots of team sports! Perfect for students. Wine tastings, pub quizzes, salsa evenings, monkey cage and many more activities are organized in addition to the sports tournaments that regularly take place at BRESS. Curious about what activities will take place with us this month? Check out our activities page. See you soon at BRESS!