Waalse Kerk Breda

Breda, Netherlands,

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Waalse De Waalse kerk Breda is een Waalse kerk uit de 15e eeuw dichtbij het Begijnhof in het centrum van Breda. Het is een rijksmonument.De kerk werd in 1440 gesticht door Johanna van Polanen en een eeuw later geschonken aan de Begijnen. Voorheen was de… Read more

The Waalse Kerk Breda is a Walloon church from the 15th century near the Begijnhof in the center of Breda. It is a national monument.

The church was founded in 1440 by Johanna van Polanen and a century later donated to the Beguines. Previously the name was the Wendelinuskapel, a chapel dedicated to Saint Wendelinus, who protected against the plague. In 1590, Catholic Breda was conquered by Prince Maurits, which brought about major changes in the city. The chapel was taken away from the Beguines and was set up as a Walloon church. In 1625 Spinola recaptured the city and the Beguines regained possession of the building, but in 1637 the Spaniards were finally driven out by Maurice's brother Prince Frederick. The victory of the Protestants was confirmed in the Peace of Munster in 1648.

Today the building is used as a wedding location, among other things. Church services take place every second and fourth Sunday of the month at 11:00 am.