Studio Slurp

Markendaalseweg 48, Breda

Toen een jonge Koningin Beatrix in 1981 besloot om haar allereerste Koninginnedag te vieren in Breda, gingen er al snel geruchten dat honderden jongeren van plan waren hier tegen te demonstreren. Toenmalig burgemeester van Breda, Willem Merkx, was bang dat het uit de hand zou lopen en besloot daarom om op de vroege ochtend van 30 april mensen preventief op te laten pakken, nog voor er sprake was van ordeverstoring. Read more

When a young Queen Beatrix decided to celebrate her very first Queen's Day in Breda in 1981, rumours quickly spread that hundreds of young people were planning to demonstrate against it. The then mayor of Breda, Willem Merkx, was afraid that things would get out of hand and therefore decided to have people arrested preventively in the early morning of April 30, even before there was any disorder.

This was done mainly on the basis of appearance: a leather jacket, a button or having long hair as a man was enough. A total of 148 people were arrested by force, who then spent a long day in a police cage without food, drink or sanitary facilities. 

Among other things, the arrests led to a nationwide demonstration with the slogan "Stop Police Violence Now," held on June 27, 1981 in Amsterdam, Groningen, Roermond, Utrecht and Breda.

The painting was made during The Month of History, with the theme 'protest', for which the students did research at the City Archive of Breda. The location of the painting is the new BN de Stem office, the former police station.

Markendaalseweg 48, Breda