Van Gogh Kerk Etten-Leur

Markt 4, Etten-Leur

The former Dutch Reformed Church and Council Chamber is now called Van Gogh Church. A special place. Read more

In December 2014, the former Dutch Reformed Church on Raadhuisplein was renamed Van Gogh Church.

The building dates from the thirteenth century as the remaining part (the middle choir) of a further disappeared 16th century hall church. The tower dates from 1771. Vincent van Gogh's father, Theodorus, was a minister here for seven years from 1875 to 1882 and his son Vincent lived and worked in Etten-Leur in 1881. The church has been in use as a council chamber of the municipality of Etten-Leur since 1986.

Since December 19, 2014, the name has changed to the Van Gogh church. Here is the Jacobus Zeemans organ, built in 1699 by Jacobus Zeemans, organist and organ maker in Breda. This organ is one of the 32 still present organs in our country that contain parts from the 17th century. In North Brabant there are only four instruments from this period. This organ therefore has great historical value.

Vincent van Gogh
At the moment the Van Gogh family settles in the rectory in Etten (1875), Vincent is 22 years old. He no longer lives with his parents, but he regularly returns to the family home. Often because he needs money, but also because Brabant and Etten are close to him. The 28-year-old Vincent returns in the spring of 1881 for a longer period to the parental home in Etten. This time he has a plan. He would become an artist.

This ambition can be felt in the Van Gogh Church, where we let you experience Vincent's Ettense story in a number of themes. How he struggled with drawing and got better with hard practice. How he loved the landscape. How he fell in love with his cousin Kee Vos and the drama that then unfolded. How he got into a fight with Dad. How he left Etten again, but never forgot.

Etten was the turning point in Vincent van Gogh's life! A story that can be read as a novel. Beautiful, special, colorful and inspiring.
At the moment there is an extra exhibition in the church: sculptures by Ien Sluyters.

TIP: combine your visit to the Van Gogh Church with a visit to the Jan uten Houte museum. Among other things, a Van Gogh farmer's room can be seen there.

Church opening times:
 Wednesday to Sunday from 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm.

Keep an eye on this website and Facebook for possible exceptions!

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