BSO x Berzerk in MEZZ

Mezz Breda

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Berzerk events is an organization that lives and breathes quality underground music. Hard, Extreme & Obscure is what they aim for. Berzerk is not limited to certain styles, they strive to always think outside of the box. Big clubs, small clubs, boats, squatted venues, monasterys, house partys, bunkers or just deep in a forest. Berzerk events has done it before, and we will do it again!

You might know them from their big events like the first 3 editions of Berzerk, their excentric locations such as Anchor Trash, and their upcoming events such as Terminal velocity & Trash Massacre wich will showcase 3 area's with only vinyl & live acts.
Apart from their more 'official' events they also organise radio shows, smaller free party's and community events. Their official party's are becoming to be known worldwide for combining a wide variety of underground genres such as french hardcore, oldschool hardcore, oldskool terror, oldschool speedcore, speedcore, flashcore, experimental & noise.

"BSO x BERZERK will be the first party where we are going to experiment with techno. As always, with a Berzerk twist. Be open-minded and join us on our techno journey into the depths of the underground. For techno & underground music lovers this event will be a unique experience. And remember; Its outside of your comfort zone where things gets interesting!"

Keizerstraat 101 , 4811HL Breda